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Rabanales 21

Who are we?

The Technology and Science Park Rabanales 21 is the research and entrepreneurship setting where different innovation system actors take part: entrepreneurs, enterprises, universities, research and innovation infrastructures and administration.

Nowadays, the business ecosystem generated around Rabanales 21 is composed of more than 50 companies that employ 300 workers who daily go to the Park.

Rabanales 21 offers a distinctive service factor which is the knowledge transfer labour thanks to its physical and institutional link to the University of Cordoba.

Besides, the strong support of different administrations to Rabanales 21, as well as its public-private shareholding membership, is a distinctive feature that identifies this Technology and Science Park.



The Technology and Science Park in Córdoba, Rabanales 21, is located in the geographical centre of Andalucia, in an excellent land communication net. On the one hand, the city is connected with the high speed train and the highway with the main national capital cities. Besides, it takes less than 2 hours to get to the main Spanish airports, which permits the Park to be linked to the main European capital cities, as well as to the Arab countries due to the city´s historical roots.

The Technology and Science Park, Rabanales 21, is a new built space with a low construction density. It is surrounded by ample spaces and easy parking, well communicated with the city centre using public transport (bus and commuter train) or bike lane.

Córdoba comprises quality of life, security, culture, modernity and historical heritage which, together with the nice character of its citizens, make the city a meeting point of people who visit us or decide to live here.

How to arrive from Madrid

Take exit 398 to Co-31, towards Córdoba / N-IV / Alcolea / Badajoz, keep on CO-31. Take exit 267 to get up to road N/IV towards Alcolea, take exit to Quemadas industrial resort, keep on the lane towards the roundabout, take the third exit in the roundabout and now you will find the Technology and Science Park in Córdoba, in Hipatia de Alejandria Avenue; turn left on the crossroad with University of Córdoba Street and then take the first on the left again.

Cómo llegar desde Sevilla

Tomas la salida 399 hacia N-432, en dirección CO-31/Centro ciudad/N-IV/Alcolea/Badajoz, continua por N-432/CO-31. Coges la Salida 267 para incorporarte a N-IVa en dirección Alcolea, toma la salida a las quemadas, mantente en el carril hacia la glorieta, toma la tercera salida en la glorieta, y ya estas dentro del Parque Científico Tecnológico de Córdoba, en la avenida Hipatia de Alejandría, en el cruce con la calle Universidad de Córdoba giras a la izquierda en y vuelves a girar en la primera calle a la izquierda.


Why is rabanales the best option?

  • Servicios de alto valor añadido

    Rabanales 21, as an innovation and entrepreneurship space, does not only offer and ideal atmosphere to set up your company but also the possibility to provide it with high added value services which help the business project progress.
  • Funding and incentives

    The public administrations annually call different funding and incentive programmes for companies which decide to set up in parks like Rabanales 21 or whose presence is important.
  • Co-working and business opportunities

    Being part of an innovative business ecosystem offers more co-working and business opportunities.
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Available space

  • Virtual presence

      Virtual presence The Technology and Science Park in Córdoba Virtual Office lets a company, which does not need a physical space, allocate its tax address here. Apart from this, all services offered by Rabanales 21 are at its disposal. Read more
  • Plot purchase

    Plot purchase I + DR AREA (industrial use) Minimum plot surface: 2.000 sq m (attachment possibility) Maximum plot surface: 43.000 sq m Maximum suitability for building: 1,1 Maximum height: 15 m in two storeys I + D AREA (scientific and innovation use) Minimum plot surface: 1.081 sq m (attachment possibility) Maximum plot Read more
  • Offices & industrial building

    Offices & industrial building The Technology and Science Park in Córdoba offers 3 blocks of companies provided with high technology and energetically efficient. These buildings, thought to be an ideal environment to set up technology enterprises, are at your disposal with divisible rooms ranging from 20 sq. metres up to 165-sq-metre Read more
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